Let Me Help You Reach Your Goals.

Do you feel you can do more with your life, do you feel there is more for you to achieve but you seem stuck not knowing the How and What to do?

What I Do

My mission is to help inspire you to reach self-fulfillment 
through self-awareness and action taking. 

Success is not accidental, it is what happens  because of you, because of what you have done, because of the steps you have taken, that is how success comes. 

I Coach.

I offer one-on-one and group coaching services to assist you reach your goals and aspirations.

I Speak.

I am available for speaking events to help inspire and enlighten your group.

I Write.

I write as a columnist and ghostwriter. I can partner with you on your writing project as well.

Need Advice?

What do you want to talk about? What choices or circumstances are you contending with? Let’s talk about them.

My Reading Campaign

I am a lover of books and I read for leisure, personal growth and development. Having seen the richness that comes through books, I launched a reading support group in 2020 to promote reading, empower and connect readers. The manifestation have been outstanding. 

About Me

I am that individual who believes everyone is special and has unique qualities. I always want people to see through themselves and understand that they are of great potential and holds the capacity to create massive effect if only they are willing to do so.

I am a trained data scientist and my experience from searching for insights in raw and unstructured data built my orientation that many individuals can actually perform at a higher level they currently do. I am a thinker and strategist, I allow room for the unknown, making me a realist. I am happily married to a creative, beautiful and virtuous woman, who creates the wonderful balance for me.

I am a trained and certified professional coach and I have experience working with millennials to help them outline and plan their life goals, take action, bounce back from regret and failure.

Idemudia Christian