About Me

Who am I?

I am that individual who believes everyone is special and has unique qualities. I always want people to see through themselves and understand that they are of great potential and holds the capacity to create massive effect if only they are willing to do so. 

I am a trained data scientist with a Master Degree (M. Eng. Computer Science) from Lanzhou University of Technology, Gansu China where I conducted research on text mining, machine learning and natural language processing . My experience from searching for insights in raw and unstructured data built my orientation that many individuals can actually perform at a higher level they currently do. I am a thinker and strategist, I allow room for the unknown, making me a realist. I am happily married to a creative, beautiful and virtuous woman, who creates the wonderful balance for me.

I am a trained and certified professional coach and I have experience working as a Research Assistant with Prof. Zhu Changsheng. I currently work as a Private Student Advisor helping students outline and plan their career and life goals, take action, bounce back from regret and failure. I assist with course selection, study habits and strategies, managing study and personal life balance, handling difficult academic situations, working with me students assess, plan and maximize available opportunities (like study abroad opportunities, internships, etc.). I coach clients on reaching self fulfillment with life and on leadership.

My Passion

My passion is helping people across the globe develop a growth mindset and building a positive outlook about the future. I run community groups that help people improve their personal worth. I run a coaching program that provides tailored services for individuals.

My Goals

The ultimate goal is to help millennials reach their dream. With enormous personal experience, I have had to take a hard look at how unaware most people are for school, career, and life after school.

So far, I have worked with over 500 individuals from across the globe, helping them set personal and career goals, make worthwhile decisions, outline career plans, bounce back from failure and regret, develop growth mindset and take action.

The Vision

The vision is to lead people to achieve self-fulfillment irrespective of life circumstances. This is achieved through dedicated guidance for self-awareness, determination of life goal, self-discovery and building the capacity to take necessary action. In all, we reorient people to recognize their immense potential for greatness and take action.

We live in a new world where collaborative effort is now the new normal. That is why you need me to be by your side.

I decided to lead this vision because of my personal experience. I now understand how a challenge it was to have walked the road alone, I have realized what great achievements I would have unlocked had I the right support system and am not willing to allow you go through same path. I want to be there for you and help you thrive.

Reach me

Let’s have a chat and figure out areas we can work together. When we finish with our session you will not want to be alone navigating the tides of life alone.

On Going Initiatives


As part of my effort to give back to the society, I coordinated a campaign that promote reading. This campaign include a reading club, social media campaign and school to school effort to help people appreciate books, start reading and find useful insights.


The School of Self Help initiative is part of my effort to provide coaching services to individuals in order to help them take charge of their lives and reach the hallmark of their lives and careers.