Book Insights: Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller


*Life will seem like a burden if you are doing what you dislike.

* Never underestimate your power to change yourself.

* Find the courage to just do it.

* As you change from negative to positive attitudes you will notice significant results.

* Find the courage to just do it.

* Learn to let go of somethings so you can move forward in a new direction.

Lesson 1

*Success begins in the mind.

* Your attitude is your window to the world.

* You control your attitude.

* Without a positive attitude you can’t activate other principles of success.

* Positive Attitude + Right Success Principles = UNSTOPPABLE!

Lesson 2

* We become what we think about.

* Our dominant thoughts rule the day.

* Don’t count on overnight success.

* Everything you achieve flows from your thoughts and beliefs.

*Positive thinking doesn’t mean that you’ll achieve your goals overnight.

Lesson 3:

* Picture your way to success.

* Imagination is more important than knowledge.

* Always revise your imaginative thoughts to current realities.

* You have control over the pictures that occupy your mind.

*Use visual reminders to your advantage.

* Find a vision

Lesson 4:

* To succeed all that matters is that you make a commitment to do whatever it takes.

* When you show commitment, the right steps are often revealed to you.

* Even with commitment everything won’t be rosy.

* Refuse to quit.

* Now is the best time to commit.

Lesson 5:

* Turn your problems into opportunities.

* Be optimistic and keep an open mind.

* Adversity brings out hidden potential.

* Look for the positive always.

* Ask yourself what you have learned from your trying experience and focus on moving forward and growing.

π—Ÿπ—²π˜€π˜€π—Όπ—» 6:

* Your words have incredible power.

* Your words reinforce your beliefs and your beliefs create your reality.

* Use positive talk as often as possible.

* Use language that is consistent with your values and be accountable for them.

* You always have a choice.

Lesson 7:

* A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your look.

* Join positive groups.

* Form a new habit, stop sticking to old and compromising habits.

* In the end your own words are a self-fulfilling prophecy.

*Always respond with enthusiasm.

π—Ÿπ—²π˜€π˜€π—Όπ—» 8:

* Stop complaining.

* Don’t find excuses for not taking actions, instead find one reason why you must act.

* Be optimistic and put things in the right perspective.

* Be a source of positive news.

* Complaints work against you because 90% of people don’t care about your problems and the other 10% are glad you got them.

* Rather than complain focus on attention and energy on the steps you can take to solve them.

π—Ÿπ—²π˜€π˜€π—Όπ—» 9:

* Associate with positive people.

* Toxic people are the ones who always dwell on the negative.

* We become part of what we are around.

* You friends will stretch your vision or choke your dreams.

* Evaluate your relationships.

π—Ÿπ—²π˜€π˜€π—Όπ—» 10:

* Confront your fears, take action and grow.

* Step out of your comfort zone.

* When faced with a difficult situation, see it from a different outlook.

* Running away from your fear is a losing strategy.

* Do the thing you fear, just do it.

π—Ÿπ—²π˜€π˜€π—Όπ—» 11:

* Accept the failure’s and keep trying till you succeed.

* Find your source of positive encouragement (i.e. parents, etc.)

* Successful people have learned to fail their way to success.

* The greatest mistake a person can make is to be afraid to make one.

π—Ÿπ—²π˜€π˜€π—Όπ—» 12:

* Networking is a way to leverage your own efforts and accelerate the pace at which you get results.

* The more solid relationships you build, the greater your opportunities for success.

* Treat every person you encounter with dignity and respect.

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