I am an avid reader than anything else but today I went out of my usual and watched a movie. The movie Citation by Kunle Afolayan featuring Temi Otedola has received a rousing welcome and everyone seemed to be talking about it. So I decided to take the risk and use my precious time to watch it to either satisfy or disappoint my curiosity. To be honest, the movie was well thought, the cast and crew well selected and the filming well done.

As a reader who looks out for growth insights in books, I watched the movie as though I was reading a book. Here are some insights padded with spoilers for you.

  1. Never Assume for Others: Moremi must have done everything she did for/with Professor N’Dyare with the assumption that he was without guile as she was. In fact, she did mention it to her friend that nothing was happening. That assumption was what stopped Moremi from understanding the red flags. The assumption made her too comfortable and relaxed around Professor N’Dyare.
  2. Involve right channels even if you don’t believe they will work: The intro scene showed how a female student and her friends were rusticated from the university because they attempted to salvage an assault situation themselves instead of getting the authorities involved. You won’t blame them because the corrupt system will always attempt to cover her own than administer true justice. During the Panel sittings, both Professor N’ Dyare and Moremi were repeatedly asked if they did report to at any time to the required authority. While Moremi never did, the cunning and manipulative Professor did speak with the Dean (Professor Osagie) though what he reported were lies but he already won himself an edge in the case as Professor Osagie had no choice but to honestly admit he did report to him. Make things known to the right authorities for record sake.
  3. Be Smart: The real deal for me. Professor N’ Dyare apologized to Moremi (part of his manipulative agenda) before her friend Gloria but did so using French (a language Gloria don’t understand), he was thinking ahead. Moremi should have responded using English at so point and directly use keywords so the third part will have a clue and also that the Professor will be left thinking that a third party who may be curious to know more is already in the loop. However, I doubt if Gloria who was already jealous of Moremi would have testified before the Panel that it was the Professor that apologized and not Moremi. Moremi was able to win the case because she started connecting the dots smartly. She traveled back to Senegal (so her initial decision to travel to Senegal against the Boyfriend advice was not a waste)and realized that Professor N’ Dyare lied he can’t drive a manual car when his car was manual. She also found out about Mr. Cardosa and the experience of their daughter Diatta.
  4. Learn Basic Skills: Moremi avoided been raped because she was lucky to have gotten basic defense skills from her Karate lover. Imagine that learning was missing. Be deliberate about learning basic safety skills.
  5. Don’t Take Signals Lightly: Professor N’ Dyare tried to kiss Moremi during the field trip without her consent and she didn’t give that the required attention. I think that was a huge signal to never go private with him again. However, because she missed the signal isn’t reason whatsoever for the Professor to attempt raping her.
  6. Beware of Friends: Gloria was Moremi’s friend and when the Panel called for Witnesses I would have placed a hundred percent bet that Gloria was Moremi’s evidence that she never for once seduced or tried having the Professor. However, it was her that showed the greatest deceit. She gave testimony that absorbed Professor N’Dyare. Beware of fake friends.
  7. Don’t Be Overly Emotional: Moremi went emotional at a point during the Panel sitting and even brought out she would be evidence out in a manner that might jeopardize her case. She even attacked the Ajike foundation representative offered to assist her by accusing the foundation of trying to take advantage of her situation. When we get emotional it blinds our reasoning.

The last thirty (30) minutes of the movie were full of suspense as Mr. Cardosa appeared before the Panel to testify and the verdict for the case was been awaited. Another very important lesson is how blind the law is, if Mr.Cardosa had not come forth, that Panel would have been missed led, not because the Panelist was not virtuous or was compromised but because the overwhelming evidence before them was well cooked.

Sexual molestation is a crime and no one deserves to be put through such an inhumane, criminal, and depressing situation. Kudos to Moremi’s boyfriend who despite all still showed love and support and to the Geeky twin, I love their show. Everyone deserves a safe society, let’s make it so.

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