Fallen Trees by Stan Finger Review

Fallen Trees

Fallen Trees by Stan Finger is a great piece of work for any reader. It fits into any purpose for reading (leisure, seeking knowledge, or whatever) as the writer clearly puts together a masterpiece of fiction that captives the mind of the reader.

The work begins with Robbie dealing with what may be termed feelings of failure. A promising freelance writing career now seems to have dwindled, the relationship he had thought would lead him to marriage comes crumbling be his face and he is left with nothing but to doubt his life choices. A thrilling story of how life is filled with ups and downs and while positive self-awareness is very important.

Fallen Trees will surely be a good fit for readers who love connecting with what they read and would always love to have the memories of their reading with them. The setting and style adopted by the writer shows great expertise and speaks of an author who truly writes with his audience at heart.

Finally, the emotion-packed in the final chapter is one any reader would find difficult not to identify with. After a gashly accident involving Hannah (Robbie’s girlfriend), they hold hands together again and Robbie filled with joy realized how Hannah’s spirit healed from the experience of the accident. He saw her gorgeous smile and happily, they left for the pickup.

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