Ten Steps To Consider When Choosing What Book To Read


Knowing what book to read is the most challenge faced by readers based on our polls and with millions of books readily within reach, what to read can be a nightmare.

Here are steps to help you MAKE THE BEST DECISION.

1. Be sure you are ready to read:

While many claim they don’t know what to read, the true fact is they aren’t ready to read. So, nothing seems to appeal to them. They walk into a bookstore and walk out empty. The problem isn’t what to read but not having the feeling to read.

2. Know what currently interest you:

Decide on what genre of books you feel like reading. Once you decide, go for books in that area. This will help you easily identify what you should be reading. If fiction is what interest you, don’t be found in non-fiction areas.

3. Check the reviews:

There is a high possibility that a review has been left for the book title you are considering. Check out reviews and see what people are saying about the book. The best sites for reviews are Amazon and Goodreads.

4. Consider the author:

Who is the author of the book you’re holding and wondering whether to read or not? Chances are if the author is someone you have read and liked their book; you may like this too. I have not seen any book written by Robert Greene that I haven’t loved reading.

5. Use recommendations:

Ask people who you know are into books, most especially ask me. Yes, close friends, relatives, etc. can be a quick and good source of getting book recommendations.

6. Join reading groups:

Reading communities can help take the stress of finding the right books away from you. Find one that provides book recommendation and selection services and sign up.

7. Profile the book:

I personally do this a lot. Check out the book yourself, take your time to consider the title, read the preface and introduction, check out the content page, flip through the pages, check it out and be sure it meets your requirement before paying for it.

8. Consider accessibility:

Make sure the book is available in your desired and convenient reading format. If you get a book in a format that does not align with you, chances are you will end up not reading it.

9. Overcome pressure from others:

Remember, you are the one who gets to read the book. Let no one force you into picking a book you are out-rightly sure you don’t want to spend time with. Until you are ripe for the ‘Proof me’ encounters (where you accept challenges to check out books as against your premonition), your best bet is to overcome peer pressure.

10. Go random:

Yes, lastly all books have something to be discovered from them. If you are sure you have the right reading skills and ability, then going random can be fun and exciting.

“Many of us have special memories of the books that have inspired us, and have learned the profound effect that reading the right book can have”


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