We all want to read more but how do we achieve that? Here are few things to help you achieve that:

* Read books that connect with you: Although it is fun and interesting to break into genres that primarily do not connect with you, early starters should stick with what connects with them. Reading what connects with you preserves your energy and keep you focused on the task of reading. You save yourself the urge of wanting to abandon the task because it has become boring or uninteresting.

* Read books that answer your questions or curiosity: Whether you’re a beginner or experienced reader, reading books that answer your questions or meet your curiosity is a great hack for reading more books. When you start, you never want to stop.

* Be relaxed with your reading: Irrespective of what your reading goal is, don’t create pressure around your reading. This will lead to burn out and all you think of is when to end the reading process. To read more, simply create a relaxed reading schedule and plan.

* Discuss what you read: Those who read and discuss with others are inspired and motivated to read more than those who don’t. Discussing with others provides value and reward for your reading effort. People begin to approach you for more insights and that makes you read more.

* Be disciplined: Everyone wants to read more but few are doing the reading. Say the word and act the word. That is what discipline brings. Saying alone will never make you read more books. Be disciplined.

* Celebrate your little gains: Very important. It is not uncommon for us to be lost in the pursuit of a bigger vision. You want to read 50 books a year, celebrate each time you complete a paragraph, page, and book. This celebration prompts you to forge ahead with confidence.

I support individuals and institutions on building the capacity to read and grow.

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