Insights from the Book ‘Boundaries’: DAY 23-27 Pages 237–284

Our reading this week started with ‘Resistance to Boundaries’. There are 2 resistance to our boundaries: The Outside and Inside Resistance. Having a strong boundary life also means having to deal with many resistances and it is something we must get acquainted with to succeed in our quest for a life of boundary. Some individuals pay less attention to the Internal Resistance factor and this can result to several unhappy and unfulfilling moments.

Next, we read about ‘How to measure success with Boundaries’. Once we have our boundaries set, there is need to determine whether we are getting the desired results. Eleven steps are outlined in the book to help us measure the success of our boundaries. The example of Jean shows how nice having effective boundaries can be.  She had no cause to fight over attending school with her son Bryan and she gets pre-informed of arriving late by her husband Jerry. In her words:

My son makes it to school, even with a cranky attitude. My husband calls me to inform me about schedule changes. I’m dreaming, aren’t I, Lord?

Did you read of Sylvia who showed great maturity when her boyfriend Peter proposed to her?

The reading this week will strengthen our resolve for effective boundaries and help us work more on setting up these boundaries. Do well to read through the pages for the entire jist. Next week, we will begin the last lap for the book. It has been a great and revealing experience.

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