Insights from the Book ‘Boundaries’: DAY 29 Pages 295–302

We roll into excerpts provided by the authors and the first is Boundaries in Marriage. The reading begins with the experience of Stephanie, the wife who is at a cross road in her marriage relationship with her husband Steve.  Things were opposite from what she thought they should be. How had Stephanie, after several years of marriage, found herself in such a state? What had gone wrong?  Why do once blazing relationships such as marriage suddenly become a nightmare? The authors have this to say:

In our work with couples over the years, we have observed that, while many dynamics go into producing and maintaining love, over and over again one issue is at the top of the list: boundaries. When  boundaries are not established in the beginning of a marriage, or when they break down, marriages break down as well.

Hear them: So, with that in mind, in this chapter we are going to take a big-picture look at what boundaries are. We will give an introductory course for those of you who have never read our book Boundaries and a refresher course for those of you have.

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