The book surrounded by idiot is written by Thomas Erickson. The first time I came across the title, what came to mind is ‘a book to help me manage complex individuals around me’. Thomas Erickson is a Swedish behavioral expert, active lecturer, and bestselling author. The book Surrounded by Idiots was first published in 2014 and has since sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide. Due to the wide range of demand, the book has been translated into 42 languages.

The book helps you understand the four types of human behaviors and how to effectively communicate with each in life and business. The author leads the reader to understand that humans are generally unique and will definitely have individual attributes that are unique as well. To be ahead, you must learn how to tolerate everyone and coexist together.

After reading the book, I was over-impressed by the wealth of experience displayed by the author. Each chapter is well thought out and they build on each other effectively helping the reader to easily understand what the author is addressing and to travel along painlessly. While many will feel scared that issues of behavior may be too technical for them to understand because of the psychology jargon and expressions that may be applied, the author uses personal life encounters and experiences to further explain these technical details for the reader to fully understand whatever concept he talks about. You may read this book not even knowing you have completed training on human psychology. There was never a time he went off point beating around the bush as each new chapter was well reserved for unique discussion.

Talking about human behaviors, Thomas Erickson categories these behaviors into four (4) different groups represented by four (4) different colors Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow individuals. How each behaves, how they relate best with others, what they expect, and how best to live with each other is what the book aims to achieve. The central message from the book is that we can’t seem to change people against who they truly are but we can adjust by tuning into the frequency of others and then adapt to them enough to be able to live together without any issues or regret.

You may be wondering what color defines you? According to Thomas Erickson, it is rare to find individuals composed mainly of one (1) color. According to him, the majority of people are made up of two colors while relatively few populations have a combination of three or four colors.

If you have decided to find out how best to live with others and or why there seems to be fracas between you and others, then this is the book for you to read. I highly recommend this title and will give a 4/5 rating for the book.

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