TAKE THE RISK BY Ben Carson Daily Reading Reviews

Take the risk by Ben Carson explores the need for taking appropriate risk. He shares experiences from his professional and personal life, along with his analysis of the lives of other familiar individuals. He mentions that risk taking should empower us to move forward rather than paralyze us with fear. The cautious will always miss many opportunities of greatness because they are limited by their fear of taking risk.

Stop asking ‘Why Risk’ and start asking ‘Why not Risk’. Becoming a successful risk taker means having the end in mind. The end that- one day everyone will die, this is the only sure thing in life. If your are refusing to test your limits, and not ready to leave your comfort zone, then you are destined to live inside the envelope. Don’t be surprised at all, the greatest and most important achievements are all from risk taking.

The goal of Ben Carson is to open our eyes to the downside of not taking appropriate risk. You will get to find out a solid quick and practical guide for answering the questions ‘When should I take risk’ and ‘What risk should I take’.

Ben describes his first encounter with the conjoined sisters (Ladan and Laleh), of note is their being alive up to 29 years old and also been able to graduate law school becoming qualified attorneys.

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