TAKE THE RISK BY Ben Carson Day 2

Risk will always be there but the decision not to give up will always provide the required ability to find options that could work. Ben Carson initially declined to work on the Bijani’s sisters case suggesting that they have come a long way, living a somewhat successful life to be seeking separation. Life, people, circumstances will give you reasons to stay put and not move but remember fortune favours the brave.

To successfully go all the way to take risk requires one to feel less troubled about it all. If you are overly troubled you may fall short of the clear analysis of the situation at hand. Reflect over your circumstance and create an imaginary outlook of how things will be if your next move all works out. Your thought and opinions about the situation matters, it is what defines success or failure when taking risk.

Yeah, the risk at hand may seem dreadful but it is all up to you. What are you ready to sacrifice? Ladan and Laleh were ready to risk their lives to be separated. Only know that worry does not improve the situation.

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