The ConstructIT Game


Glad to bring you the ConstructIT game to help draw our attention to our daily reading schedule and overtime help us actually read.

  1. Each day you will get a mnemonics of a COMPLETE sentence and you are expected to unscramble it into the correct sentence.
  2. The mnemonics you get is always for a complete sentence so no half sentence solution will count.
  3. The target sentence will always be from the day’s reading passages.

Example: Take this sentence: ‘The concept of artificial intelligence is not new.’
Mnemonics could be: T C o A I i N NEW / The C o A I i N N / T C o A I i N N

You task is to unscramble the mnemonics as you read through the day’s passage. If you currently struggle to read, you can start by skimming through the pages for the solution each day. Overtime you will build the attachment and interest for reading.

Once you are done unscrambling, send to the group tagging me and we will keep a log of daily winners and see who has the highest win for the month. The top lead will feature as our GAMER of the MONTH PERSONALITY across our social media pages and with time on our monthly Newsletter.

Having fun is key to this so don’t get stressed about it.

Readers Read. Let’s have fun.

Feel like having a discussion, reach me at

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