I have read from the Punch newspaper were the Federal Government through the Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed made an effort to justify the increase of Premium Motor Spirit to N162 per litre.

Yes, every government have got a responsibility to explain the reasons for her policies and decisions to the people whose trust they are supposed to be holding.

In his explanation, he explains that the current economic realities do not support the country to continue to subsidize fuel for the populace, and I am okay with this. Let the government close up this loophole been exploited by cronies to exploit the country. Fuel scarcity especially during festive periods is now at a bare minimum and that is cool. The only reason I don’t agree with is that the current increase remains the lowest in the West/Central African sub-regions. The situation where you just come up with an excuse irrespective of how it bites gets me to ask: ‘What are they thinking?”

What sort of excuse is that? Recall that when the issue of hate speech and social media control bill also came, some top individuals connected with the government also made utterances that ‘China controls their social media space and that Nigeria can do the same’. Why are these people quick to snap up on what example works for them and neglect the other examples that should make them do more for the citizens?

Didn’t they realize that in same China, the country provides 24 hours of electricity, a good road network, efficient health care, and other social services that the people are proud of? From the list of other African nations also mentioned by the Minister, they have also failed to see that some of these countries (if not all) provide stable electricity for their citizens than Nigeria does?

Why jump on the excuse that soothes you and pay a blind eye to other excuses that should challenge you to do better? What are they thinking?

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you will make Nigerians pay more for taxes, services, or other social amenities, also be quick to make Nigerians enjoy the same quality life and system that these other nations provide their people.

It is time they use reverse thinking to help improve the quality of policies, services, and decisions they reach. Government is supposed to be by the people, for the people and not this where it has become for a select few who now seem to be above others and then determining the fate of the majority.

We can do better as a nation.

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