The Hero Journey

WHAT MAKES THE GREAT GREAT (Book summary by Chapter) By Prince Cherub

Chap. 1

  1. The greatest gift the creator ever give to man is the gift of life.
  2. To know you are more than enough;there are rare gift, purpose and ambition you have not yet used.
  3. Life is a game: everyone has is own game, we might be playing the same game but on different level.
  4. Developing a positive, right mental attitude toward yourself.

Chap. 2

  1. Courage is the finest quality; courage change things for better.
  2. Victories that come easy are cheap, fight till the last breathe.
  3. If you don’t control fear, it will control you. Fear is a single greatest obstacle to success.
  4. Four fear to control : fear of poverty, death, change & uncertainty and failure.
  5. You can do anything – if you believe you Can. I Can’t are negative thought.

Chap. 3

  1. Idea are product of human mind.
  2. If you want more out of life, be sure to demand more of your imagination.
  3. Don’t think chicken thoughts, and don’t dream chicken dreams. You’re a eagle.
  4. Challenge your creative power.
  5. We should always realized that we are the product of our thought.
  6. You obtain anything you desire through imagination & creativity apply to your work.

Chap. 4

  1. Character reveal who we are.
  2. Integrity is an individual greatest assets. You cannot lose it.
  3. Whatever you do keep your words.
  4. Above all things, guard your reputation & good name.

Chap. 5

  1. There are price attached to greatness.
  2. No one ever jump class graduate, but they that start at the bottom graduate.
  3. Hardworking paint a self-portrait.
  4. Take responsibly of your life.
  5. Man is the architect of his own fortune, he must lay the bricks himself.

Chap. 6

  1. Wealth is located within your mind. It can be attained by pursuing your dreams.
  2. Follow your instincts.
  3. Guild your thought; a man become what he think about most often.
  4. Money is useful but don’t let it use you.
  5. Don’t live above your income
  6. Out of your salary, give tithe, give 10% to bank for hard time, and keep the rest.

Chap. 7

  1. Don’t be knuckle under to self-imposed limit.
  2. Focus your attention on your greatest strength.
  3. Be mentally positive.
  4. Be committed to reach your goal
  5. Develop a victorious attitude.

Chap. 8

  1. Show me a high achiever and I will show you a man or woman who make prayer part of his or her life.
  2. The success cycle is prayer, action & work.
  3. There are power that can only be unlock if you pray.
  4. Prayer is the greatest need and the core value of exceptional people.

Chap. 9

  1. YOU are worth the effort it takes to succeed.
  2. It is better to be born blind than not to see the true glory of life.
  3. Time is most precious possession a human can ever have.
  4. Leaving a legacy behind is of the secret to greatness.
  5. You must dream bigger than your predicament, you must aspire higher than your circumstances.
  6. What will be said about you, what legacy are you leaving behind for the generation to come..
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