WHAT MAKES THE GREAT GREAT BY Dr Dennis Kimbro Daily Reading Reviews

This is a day to day review of What makes the Great Great by Dr. Dennis Kimbro. The purpose of this is to help you decide whether the book will be worth your time and to help you easily decide what part of the book to give attention to. More important, the reviews will help you take action on the strategies recommended in the book. These daily reviews do not serve as a substitute for reading the book, just so you know.

This book has received positive ratings as a great self help book to overcome individual limiting thoughts and to position oneself to attain our goals and dreams. One big plus for the book is that it contains interviews and stories from individuals, putting together 9 strategies that determine success. This daily reviews are a trip of discovery as I figure out how the author accomplish the goal of outlining the ingredient of what makes the Great great. Dr. Kimbro is a world known educator, author, and a professor with a reputation as one of the most insightful and scholarly writer. Being a top researcher in the field of human potential, management and entrepreneurship, he constantly encourages his readers to look deep and unlock the keys of all accomplishment. He is the author of best sellers like: Think and Grow Rich-The Black Choice, The Wealth Choice and a few others. A top research question he has pursued has been the question of: How can impoverished black Americans pull themselves out of their poverty and reach their full potential? Let’s take a walk and see some of his findings. With this book the goal will be to discover the tools that helps identify and nurture individual success, how to stay committed and motivated to achieving ones dream.

March 27th 2020- Day 1 Pages 6 – 17

We are greeted with the shocking and encouraging life event of Bill Pinkney. Mr Pinkney who have given over 30 years of dedication, loyalty, hard work to his job is handled the letter bearing: Dear Mr. Pinkney we are sorry to inform you that… He has just been laid off. Alot of individuals are caught up in this dream of life, everything they have worked for coming to a halt as if they have longed been dreaming. It’s time to solve the ‘Mathematics of Life’.
What is it you always wanted to be? What legacy have you always dreamed of leaving behind? In the end and at such a time you should arrive at the realization as Mr Pinkney did, that if YOU ARE GOING TO REALIZE YOUR DREAMS, IT IS NOW OR NEVER.
Yes it has happened, but now should not be the time to get covered in self pity, NOW IS THE TIME TO DECIDE WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH YOUR LIFE. For Pinkney it will be a solo voyage around the world by sailboat, for that has been his high school dream. When life fail us, perhaps it means we have never given our LIFE DREAM a thought. Right now before we move take a pen and a paper, spend some time and figure out your life dream. WRITE IT DOWN.

Once your dream is well spelt out, its time to realize what the greatest discovery ever is. It is IDEAS. Dr. Kimbro says: ‘Ideas are the most important things on earth’. What we become is what we have been thinking about. Only you determine that thinking. Are you underestimating your potential, are you clouded with excuses, are your thoughts filled with fear? These are what is stopping you from breaking through. Never let anyone set your limitation. After two years on sea in 1992, Bill Pinkney docked at Boston becoming the First African American to sail solo round the world. What did he discover?

  1. Victory is a win over fear and doubt, frustration and the odds.
  2. Success is not due to luck or chance. It is a matter of finding yourself and building upon what you find. Every person is born a star at something. The point if to discover your purpose.
  3. Greatness means doing more than you or anyone else thought possible.
  4. You are your own friend and own enemy.
  5. No matter your situation there is hope, there is always hope.
  6. Don’t wait for that miracle or that break or “the right time.” Life is short. Don’t wait. Today is your day! Choose how you will spend it and whom you will spend it with. Don’t put your personal greatness on hold. You are responsible for your own results.

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