What Makes the Great Great – Day 2

Everyone wants to be successful but many don’t understand there is a quality of personality that goes into it. So, remember one objective of this book is to reveal to you these qualities, so, don’t forget to look out for them and act upon them as you read on. A special power shared by the successful is outlined in the chart below. Ask yourself: Do my daily conduct of my affairs follow suit? Then write out at least 2 areas of your affairs you will implement the special powers on today.

Power of the successful

How can I accomplish my dreams against all odds – if and only when, you are ready. See this ‘The Google story’ – What reasons are you giving to explain to yourself that your circumstances are different? Well, remember this journey is about ‘Doing against all odds’.

Interviews and opinions from great accomplishers are shared in our reading for today. Among them are:

For Percy Sutton, What makes the great great? He noted ideas. He counseled, “If you have but one wish, let it be for an idea”

Robert E. Johnson and Reverend Jesse agrees the one important element is getting back up when you get knocked down. It is your responsibility to get back up.

Henry Parks Founder of the Parks Sausage Company respond by asking: “In one hand I have a dream, and in the other I have an obstacle. Tell me, which one grabs your attention?”  What grabs your attention is what 90% likely comes to pass.

Patti LaBelle gave her tip and said: Though talent helps, but greatness has more in common with nerve than it ever will with ability. What she means is that your boldness and audacity makes a great difference. Personally, I have come to realize that talent doesn’t make any difference when audacity is missing.

Rev Ike in simple terms says: The world belongs to those who say I can. What are you saying to yourself?

America first black female astronaut Mae Jemison holds the opinion that Greatness is captured in one word: lifestyle.


The power to be and have has always been there, you only need understanding and insight. You already posses great capacities for self-enrichment, you only need to excess these powers as best as you can. Settling for partial fulfillment is a grave mistake. It’s true, each of us hopes to achieve, but this is not enough. Success is the off-spring of drudgery. A man must be self-made before he is ever made!”. Booker T Washington provides a robust guide as to what the keys to success are. He mentions the need to know our potential, the importance of attitude, the need to not make failure final but to learn from it what not to do, that successful people take chances, dream big dreams and work on making the dreams come true, that to be successful, you must stand for something or your fall for anything. And lastly, they make choices and not excuses. Quite some others, that will position you for success.

To reach that peak of success, everyone must learn the key of overcoming barriers and reaching goals and objectives. Finally, today we see an example of how we should not allow others set limitations for us. Malcolm X refused the limitation offered by his teacher Mr. Ostrowski and went ahead to achieve his life dream becoming one of the world greatest.

Everyone of us must discover and know our true potential.

Washington knew something that average men and women don’t know. He knew that attitude is everything; that altitude is determined by attitude. He knew that high achievers shoot for the stars; if they fall short of their mark, at least they come back with stardust in their hands. If achievers fail, they never stay down; they learn from adversity. They learn from their failures what not to do.

See you tomorrow…

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