How To Prepare For A New Reading Year

Are you considering reading more actively and effectively in the coming year and you wondering what you can do to achieve your aim then this article is for you? To have a successful reading year, here are 11 things you must consider as you prepare for the new year:

  1. Set a goal: A goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort. It represents your idea of the future and the result you are desiring, planning, and committing to achieving. A simple goal can be ‘I will read 50 books next year or I will read daily for 30 minutes next year.’ Because we have unlimited needs and wants as humans, we can easily become carried away with other activities irrespective of our initial intentions. So, having a goal gives you focus, direction, improves decision making, provides that sense of control over the future, offers motivation, creates purpose, and offers a sense of satisfaction knowing what has been achieved from the overall goal.
  2. Prioritize the goal: It is not enough to set a goal; you must ensure that your goal becomes a priority to you as well. Almost everyone set reading goals at the beginning of the year but only a handful go on to achieve them because others abandon their goals on the way. So, to see that you succeed with your goal, prioritize them as our prioritize determines where and on what we invest our time. There are going to be a lot of things that will compete for our attention and time in the new year but our priorities will determine what we focus on and give our all to achieve.
  3. Create a TBR (To Be Read List): Will a farmer expect to have a bounty harvest at the end of the year without first buying seedlings to plant? The same thing applies to you as a reader. Sit down before the year begins and draw out what books you will love to read. Write them down and find out what it takes to have access to them. Doing this will save you the challenge of having to spend precious time deciding what to read next or where to get the book you want to read. See this article on ‘Ten Steps To Consider When Choosing What Book To Read’. As you read along and new recommendations come add them to your TBR list as they will later become a book recommendation bank for you.
  4. Evaluate your current year: Yeah, important. Scale your performance for the current year and try to find out what worked fine or not. Evaluate the decisions you made and how they impacted your reading because life is full of lessons and a wise man learns from the past to improve the future. Map out ways to avoid repeating mistakes and create avenues that help you improve on your gains and leverage on them. Read this article to learn how to end your current reading year.
  5. Adopt the right mindset: Identity and mindset is a very important factor that determines how far we can go with life. So, it’s time to shun any negative and limiting mindset and take on positive and uplifting beliefs. Your self-awareness as a reader should be a booster for you. Remember that no matter what you currently think about yourself, you can always get better if only you truly believe you can and make the effort to. Read this article about the role of mindset on reading.
  6. Build a strong WHY: Your WHY is the reason you believe reading more actively is beneficial. See this article on how a weak or no why impacts reading. So, now is the best time to finalize this and let it stick to your memory. Your WHY will go on to inspire and motivate you to read and also help you prioritize reading. With a great WHY you are sure to embrace reading as a form of relaxing activity than a burden.
  7. Consider joining a reading community: Reading communities are a great place to be. They offer support and help you get more value from what you are reading. Building the capacity to read alone is great, but if you want things to be more exciting, revealing, and insightful, you should actively connect and interact with other readers. Share what you read, ask questions, and probe your thoughts. It’s worth the investment and this is what reading communities offer. See why reading communities are important.
  8. Find an accountability partner: If you find it difficult to take action without constant push then you should consider getting an accountability partner, someone who will urge you on and hold you accountable and responsible for your outcomes. This is also very important if you are someone that finds it hard to tell yourself the truth about the outcomes of your actions. An accountability partner will spill it to you as it is with love, empathy, and concern. If you need an accountability partner that does the job perfectly then consider ReadbookNG, it’s an experience you will wish you discovered earlier.
  9. Schedule your reading: Failing to plan is like planning to fail so the aged-long adage goes. If you say you are going to read 50 books for the new year without a clear-cut schedule of ‘when to when’ for each book then you already reducing your success odds. Vague goals will create room for laxity, procrastination, misdirection, and loss of focus. Break down your 50 books into months (for example each month I will read 5 books), then go on to attack each month as they come. This will help you avoid stress and the surprise that comes by September when you suddenly realize you have only read 4 books since the year began. Learn how to schedule your reading here.
  10. Learn about consistency and commitment: Being consistent and committed leads you to achieve a fulfilled reading year. So, if you struggle with consistency and commitment this is the best time to learn how to improve it before you get to work in the new year.
  11. Build discipline and responsibility: Why set a goal when you will turn your back against it the next day? Take crash courses or lectures on ‘how to build discipline and responsibility’ so you can see through your goal for the next year.

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