No Time: Bane to Becoming A Strong and Better Reader

Every activity and event happens at a given time so does reading. Strong readers are masters of their time and they have great control over what happens on any given day. One of the complaints of struggling readers is the non-availability of time. You will hear them scream, ‘I don’t have time, am always busy’ but the truth is that no one has got more time than the other, we’ve all got 1,440 minutes in a day and no matter what you do, you won’t get more. How then can we get the best out of time?

Since we can’t change time, we must, therefore, change our approach to it. Changing our approach is redefining and reorganizing our activities and events while controlling our participation in them. To do this we set priorities.

Priorities determine how and on what we spend our time. It’s not possible to do everything and that means we must choose wisely and priorities help us choose. Assign priority levels to activities and events (based on how you value these activities or events and the returns they offer to your goals). For example, you can create priority groups of level A, B, and C with A been the most important, followed by B and lastly C. Therefore, Level A events will always come first before any other level events and if you have just a second to spare in a day, level A event gets it.

To find the time to read and become stronger and better at reading is to prioritize reading accordingly. With your STRONG WHY you can now figure out how to ensure that reading takes priority over certain events. Only when this is done will you ever find the time to read and get stronger and better.

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