Poor Reading Schedule – Bane to becoming a better and stronger reader.

Scheduling helps you create balance and focus, the absence of a schedule often leads to challenges that limit one’s reading ability.

It is easy for people to say I want to read 30 books but have no specific timeline or plan on how to read them and that leaves the reader to chance. The result could be:

– You reach the goal as planned

– You take more time than necessary

– You get busy with other stuff

– You abandon the goal.

A schedule and one that is well thought out tells you from when to when you are reading a particular book, it helps to determine your expected reading pace, avoid burnout, instill discipline, and aids reading comprehension and application. While people want a better reading experience the technical know-how could be a challenge. Here is a step-by-step guide to schedule your reading:

1. Decide on the book.

2. Consider your average reading time.

3. Check the total number of pages for the selected book e.g. 280

4a. Consider the timeframe you want to read the book e.g 14 days, 30 days. This can be influenced by (2) above and your overall objective: reading for reading sake, reading for comprehension, reading for comprehension and application, and others you choose to consider.

4b. In case you want a more flexible timeframe determined by pages to read each day, then decide on how many pages you want to read daily. E.g I will be reading 15 pages daily.

5. Consider your break preference (i.e what point to pause your reading e.g by chapters, pages, sub-units, or a mix of them).

6a. If you choose 4a above then Daily Page Schedule to Read (DPSR)  = Total Pages / Timeframe

e.g 280 / 14 = 20 pages per day.

6b. If you choose 4b above reading schedules becomes:

Total Days to Read (TDR) = Total pages / Agreed daily pages e.g 280 / 15 = ~19 days.

7. Starting from page 1 and with an increase of 20, write down each start and endpoint. The same applies to 6b.

8. You are ready, launch out, and enjoy your reading.

NOTE: Factor in rest days to avoid burn out and have the mind always at optimal performance.

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