Read and Win Campaign

As part of our mission to promote reading and to empower readers to read more, we are launching the Read and Win (RaW) Campaign for everyone willing to read. The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to participate in reading and to reward the habit of reading. August will be the first edition of the campaign and we are excited to get everyone on board. The campaign is in two categories: the Wechat platform and The WhatsApp platform. Participants are only allowed to register for only one of the categories.

Read More and Win More…

How to Participate

Join the Reading Community

Join either the Wechat or WhatsApp reading group. 

Signify Your Interest to participate

After joining the community and as the reading for the month begins, signify your interest to be part of the months contest.

Follow the guidelines for the ConstructIT Game

Each month there will be guidelines for the ConstructIT Mnemonics game. Please follow as requested.

Follow guidelines for reading insights.

There will be guidelines as well for reading insights, please follow suit as well.

Endure to the end of the challenge

Keep up the drive till the reading is done for the campaign window and ensure you are the top reader for the month to stand a chance to win.

Campaign History