Read and Win (RaW) Campaign Winners


Bridget Nnenna

Bridget Nnenna is a Nigerian energy economics research student in china university of petroleum Beijing. she believes in honesty and love, best words are” never give up “.In her leisure time love to travel, read, dance, and bake. In the year 2020 when it seemed like everything wasn’t right, ReadBookNG became a light to an unseen path. it has massively contributed to personal growth, academically, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Reading has never been more fun.
The books, the friends, the team, the daily insights are essential ingredients every youth of our time would need to grow. Grateful to be a part of it. Thanks to the leader and initiator of this platform, more strength to you.

Dominic Ebere

I am Dominic Ebere, a zoologist, educator, and freelance software engineer. I am currently working with a media group, Ndigbo Voice, as a software engineer and we together hope to change our world. Yeah, of course, I love reading and I love the game of chess and checkers.

It has been an exciting and rewarding experience for me. ReadBookNG is a great platform to learn, unlearn, grow, and become a better person. You will find out that there is fun in reading, I mean absolute fun and it only gets better. I encourage everyone to join this platform, read, and reflect with a large community of readers and reap the fruit therein.

September, 2020 WINNERS


Patrick Chinazam

Patrick Chinazam is a Nigerian, Successful completed a Chinese Language One year advanced study program at Fujian Normal University, China. Graduated with a Distinction from the Estate Management and Valuation Department, Federal Polytechnic Oko, Nigeria. He has a penchant for good books, loves expressing himself mostly through writing, and very enthusiastic about learning new things. Moreover, he loves dancing and exercising for leisure. He knows that “Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is.”


ReadbookNG opened up to me a unique dimension to reading, turning the quest for knowledge into an adventure. Reading is made more Fun, Reflection becomes Habit and Sharing of Knowledge becomes a channel to socialization with lots of devoted people with evolutionary mindset. I sincere appreciation to the pioneers and coordinators of this platform for their dedication, your good works is touching lives positively.


Ismaeel Adebayo

Ismaeel Adebayo is a Nigerian, and a master’s research student at the Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Nanjing, China in the school of Chemical Engineering. He is someone who believes in the saying that, “whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well” and that has been his guiding principle all this while. As such, whenever he intends doing something of importance, he does so with all of his heart. Need to say, Ismaeel is an ardent lover of reading literatures and motivational books coupled with the fact that he loves writing articles, essays and whatever that would inspire himself and others. In 2018, he participated in an essay competition for African Students worldwide organized by Keenista, a company in Shanghai, China where he wrote on the topic, “Creating a better world, our collective responsibility”, an essay that won him a top 3 out of the over 100 participants around the world and an award for the most liked essay.
Owing to his love for reading, he one day saw a daily post from the ReadBookNG community through a WeChat group and he immediately demanded to be added. The first book to be read “surrounded by idiots” by Thomas Erikson really gave an inspiration on how we need to learn to live with different people as people differs in all aspect and I must say it has been a wonderful journey so far. A community of readers like this is all we needed to make rapid transformational changes in our lives. The wait for the daily insights from people is always captivating as you get to read from different point of views. The daily Mnemonic will persuade you to go through some needed points again without you realizing.
Through this community, I have been able to share and learn positive things from people, made friend and I must give a big kudos to the organizers. My only regret is that, I never got to know of a wonderful group like this before now, but now that I found this group, I won’t let go of it.
God bless the organizers immensely, Amen!



I am Jefferson, currently residing in Nigeria and studying Polymer Engineering at Auchi Polytechnic. ReadbookNG is a blessing as it has helped me up my commitment to reading and also exposed me to great books. 

The insights from everyone is top notch. I appreciate the community because reading is made to look easy and fun.

More strength. 

Read for growth and reach your potentials.