Back then I always skipped the introduction and forward pages of books. I saw them as not worth reading or just a waste of time. I always wanted to delve into the main sections. However, the time has taught me otherwise. Never skip the introduction/forward pages. WHY?

1. It clarifies the author’s purpose: Who reads a book without knowing the intent of the writer? The best place to uncover the intention of the author is the introduction or forward. The chapters only build upon what the introduction has stated. The introduction protects you from being confused.

2. It directs your thoughts and thinking: Knowing the author’s purpose will guide you to direct your thoughts. It’s like GPS for you and prevents burnout that emanates from you trying hard to connect ideas.

3. It helps you decide: After reading the introduction you are able to decide if the book is what you need to read or not. That saves you time and other resources.

4. Creates curiosity and interest: Reading the introduction opens up the mind for the exploration. People often get bored with books because they lack interest and curiosity. Reading the introduction creates interest and curiosity.

Now start reading from the introduction. @readbookNG empowering readers.

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